Monday, July 14, 2008

Some fun for you c*, caution? contains bad words...

Ha! Got your attention now didn't I...

Ok, I've had enough seriousness, really now.
I am starting to bore myself.

So, after a bit of silliness via text with lisaq, don't ask what the silliness was about.
We were just gabbin' (can you 'gab' via text???) and were trying to think of our fave and most
colourful expressions to tell someone off, and comebacks of course!

I say the UK has the market cornered on the best curse words and jabs in the world...
With that in mind, I decided to start a little game of 
'My Top 3 fave Curse words, Tell-0ff's, and Comebacks'

(oh ya, and I am tagging a couple of you, so answer dammit...but anyone should feel free to join in, swearing is fun and cathartic!)

Cheekie's Top 3 Curse Words

Cheekie's Top 3 Tell-off's
-Why don't you go outside and play a nice game of hide and go fuck yourself
-How bout a nice cup of Shut the Fuck Up
-Bite Me (my all time fave)

Cheekie's Top 3 Comebacks
-um, ya, well, um,, fuck off, eh (this is my normal comeback, and what usually happens is hours later I think of something much, MUCH better...of course after the person is gone)
-Are you always this irrational?
-I refuse to play a game of wits with an unarmed man/woman

So, my dear lisaq, auntieqwen (I expect big things from you btw, all ex punk n all), craze, nml, honey and lance , haf ...let's have it, dammit!!!

no one ever said I was classy, mom would be so proud *sniff*


lisa q. said...

Fun, fun, fun...except...who the hell's left to tag! *sniff*

No, no...don't worry 'bout me. I'll think of someone! ya!

Craze said...

Bite me is a good one! Yeah! I can't wait to play now!!

auntiegwen said...

okey dokey

mission accepted

SaneAndSingle said...

Just found your blog through Lisaq! Love the curse words!!

cheekie said...

hehehe you guys rock!

saneandsingle, feel free to play along!

swearing feels soooooooooo good.
I am thinking we should start a new kind of therapy.

you just scream out bad words really really loudly.
(in the privacy of your own home/car/office, lest the law or men in white coats think it not so cool)

think of all the money saved on shrinks and meds!


TentCamper said...

Just came across your blog...I love it. I am adding you to my blogroll.

SaneAndSingle said...

"Twat"!!! LOL I love love love that one!! :)