Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sleep is for Suckers

Ya. Insomnia. So like the good (ish) little blogger, here I be, surfing and typing.

Insomnia happens. Whatever. I'll survive.

Besides I have a lovely day planned tomorrow, with a lovely man and I am sure I will muster up enough energy for all the doing nothing we plan to do. Good thing I have enough stamina for 10 people. And yes, you can take that whatever way your wee heart desires.
And for the record, no, I am not going to discuss my personal life to that extent here, it's a respect issue, and other than vague happenings, you aren't going to find any dirt here on my current goings on. Besides, this one is too special for that. ;-)

Also, in the vein of 'trying not to worry' (and my insomnia is definitely caused by it, don't kid yourself) I am not going to write about anything serious.
Nope. Last week was enough of that for a bit.
Got way too into my own head there for a minute or so...

So I encourage you, if you are looking for anything with substance, to look elsewhere.
How about checking out my fave fellow bloggers whilst I enjoy a little head-space...

In fact, right now over on Baggage Reclaim, NML is doing another one of her amazing series of posts, this time about how to really get over and out of a breakup and move the hell on...really good stuff. 
And of course, Lance is up to his usual shenanigans in the form of Gorilla Sex over at Honey and Lance. Very proud of him for breaking that age barrier... and having what sounds like a helluva good time doing so... (and can someone please tell me what the 'd-spot' is??? I need to know, really)

And for good clean fun check out this story at my favouritist of all time site 
I just about peed a little when I read it...they are too much.

Of course, no tour around on an insomniac night is complete for me without checking out Art of the State. Great pics and links to amazing underground artists, including links to the Banksy site... love him. Smart, cheeky, talented, and sneaky...what's not to love? Love this piece wish I was in London right now to go and find it! 

But alas, I am not, I am in the Great White North and it is 4:44 am on June the 4th.
I swear I didn't plan that at all...honest. 
And I think I will give up the ghost and make a nice latte before I have to be officially awake in an hour...

Never fear though, the intense freakshow you know and love will return, she always does...

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